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Baby Sassy Cougar Baby Boomer Cougar Hey Babe, Wassup Puppy Choir

Zeus Bad Hair Day Rocky Raccoon Niki, A Black Leopard Fred,GreenWing Macaw

Hercules & Sabrina Goood Kitty Pet Me, Pet Me!! Lets Talk About It

Baby Black Leopard Waaa, Me Next!!! Rub My Belly (Marissa) A Little Handful

A Big Handful ! Catnapping New Tiger Enclosures Tigers Coming 1992

Trail To The Spring Twilight, Apache, Rani Apache, Quite A Guy Rani, A Sweety Pie

Twilight, God's Jewel The Big Project Begins Sultan and Hercules 10,000 Sq Ft Playground

S.W. End Compound Rooftop View N.E. End Compound Comet Guards Tigers

Hercules Relaxing Run Rani Run Hercules and Satara Big Project Completed

A Pool Party Visiting A Sanctuary Shakin Paws Scritch Scratch

Getting Some Sun Panorama View 2001 Apache House Sitting New NWHS Office 2006

Gizmo Plays Gizmo In Pool Obi In Pool Obi Runs!

Tiger Rani's Play Time
Music By: Peter John Ross

Rani the tiger hits the playground at Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary.
Annoy the canines, a few dips in the pool and a jog around the big playground
(while a human cleans her enclosure)
then back into her enclosure for a nice big meaty dinner.
Another nice day for Rani.

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