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A List Of Needed Items For The Sanctuary

1. Chain Link Fencing-9 guage or heavier. 8 feet high or 12 feet high. Also, 10 foot high "tennis fencing (for enclosure tops)
2. Steel Pipe- Preference, what is commonly called "oil rig drill stem". This pipe is very heavy, and near 3" in diameter. Contact us if you have something that is similar, it must be weldable (steel).
3. Freezer, in working condition. Stand-up, or laydown. We can get better deals on raw meat, if we have freezer space.
4. Small Tractor. We have over 5 acres to mow, and is more like a field than a lawn. Heavy Duty is Good. (Note: We now have purchased a small used riding mower, but is not very sturdy. A small tractor/mower would still be appreciated).
5. Lumber- We use 2x4s, 2x6s, and 1/2" to 5/8" plywood to build animal houses. The big cats work on them till they are saw dust :) They do, however, truly love destroying them, or I would construct them of concrete (wood is warmer too).
6. Golf Cart or Similar-(working condition) For hauling feed and supplies around. Also is good for getting down mountainside, with materials, to work on spring pump and system (water source for our place).
7. Enclosed Trailer (small)- Handy for rescues, hauling animals. Or, hauling extra meat when a good deal is available. Must be waterproof.
8. Pick-up Truck (reliable)- Our secondary truck has a blown engine, and we are relying on a single vehicle to do everything.
9. Beef (frozen)- We always need a beef source, we are too reliant on poultry. Please contact if you have a large quantity, and are reasonably close.
10. Tools- We can use a wheelbarrow, circular saw (and other various power tools), spade-type shovels, and other stuff. Please contact if you have tools that you think we can use).

Please contact us if you have any of these items, or would prefer purchasing for us. Your donation is tax deductable.

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